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Premium Fish Attractant - one 4 oz.  (AKA GUPPY JUICE) - Use with Fat Guppy soft baits for best results.
Our signature product, the #1 Fishing Scent made. A lot of science went into this scent. Made with all natural ingredients the proprietary blend of the natural oils gives this scent its unique characteristics. This scent sticks to your bait longer than other scents on the markets and dissolves slowly in the water to attract the fish and bring them in. Because it dissolves slowly, it leaves a scent trail, making it the only scent that is effective when casting or trolling. There is a blend of Amino Acids, Fish Pheromones, Natural Odors and Natural Flavors that makes this scent irresistible to fish. Gaining more and more popularity with guides and pros this is just the thing you need to get an edge when out on the water. Great for Salt Water, Fresh Water, and very effective when ice fishing. Give this product a shot, you will not be disappointed!

Fat Guppy Fishing Scent - 4 oz. bottle


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