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Not sure what to buy at the tackle shop? Get the Fat Guppy "Ultimate Sampler Pack" and try out 12 different bait styles and colors, 4 different color shaky heads, a bait rigging kit and some killer fish attractant all for $19.95! Shipping included. This is the only sampler pack offering this much at wholesale pricing.  The sampler pack will allow you to try many different styles of bait to see which ones work for you, your area, and your target species of fish.  This is a AWESOME deal before the spring fishing season gets here.  For this PRICE you are getting a BIG BANG for your buck! FISH ON!

Fat Guppy Ultimate Sampler Pack

  • 4oz Fat Guppy Scent, Guppy Stick Rigging Kit, (4)-3/16oz Shaky Heads,(pink, chartruese, watermelon glitter, & black) 6 extra double hooks for rigging.  24 softbaits which include 6 Rigner Worms, (Motor Oil, Watermelon Glitter, & Green Pumpkin colors) 2 Cut Tail Frogs (watermelon Glitter Color) 8 Whacky Rods (Green Shiner, Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Glitter & Red Bug Colors)  8 Cut Tail Shads (Chartruese Pumpkin, Watermelon Glitter, Gold Silver & Green Shiner Colors).  Cost of smapler pack is $19.95 and includes shipping.

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