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Fat Guppy Fishing Scent “Making Sense about Scents”

A couple of years back I was fishing in Florida and I had a fishing scent / attractant with me that I had thrown together from some ideas I got from fishing magazines. The scent was very roughly put together, it was in a mason jar, had chunks of garlic and meat, and smelled something awful. However, I could not but help notice how effective it was while fishing. I was fishing off the pier at Coco Beach, Florida and I was pulling in two fish to everyone else’s one. (Mostly small bonnet sharks) A couple of other anglers noticed me using the scent, approached me, and asked me if they could give it a try. I let them and sure enough their fish bites and bite hook ups started to increase just as mine did. I knew right away there is something to this scent, but I was not sure what it was.

Being an engineer by trade, I naturally began to analyze the ingredients of a number of different fishing scents / attractants and researched the senses of fish and how they use their senses to hunt their prey. A short time later I contacted a marine biologist friend of mine that had a Doctorate Degree in Biology from the University of Michigan. He and I had a long discussion about the behavior and senses of different fish species. It was at that point, the concept of Fat Guppy Fishing Scent was born. This article explains some of the scientific observations with fish behavior in easy to understand terms, why Fat Guppy Fishing Scent is so effective, and why it should be in every anglers tackle box. I hope you find the information useful and I am sure it will give you a different perspective of fishing scents & attractants.

Anyone who fishes regularly has been there and done that… A nice shiny new fishing lure that you cast out and reel in right across the nose of that huge fish sitting in the shallows, but the fish just sits there and does nothing. Then on a different day, as soon as the lure hits the water they swim as fast as they can to tear it apart. Why? Well… let’s first acknowledge that fish are not very smart, and they lack the ability to think abstractly. So how do they survive? Very simply, they have acute senses that instinctually tell them what to do. These senses and instincts are triggered by the physical and chemical stimuli that surround their environment. Some of these stimuli are atmospheric pressure, water temperature, PH of water, oxygen level of water, sunlight, clarity of water, time of day, noises, vibrations, color, algae, microorganisms, and one of the most important… Smell.

There is research that shows some fish are drawn to chemical sources from hundreds of yards away. Other studies indicate fish can recognize aquatic plants and other fish in the same school by individual smell. Salmon for example make their spawning journey late in life to the exact river location where they were born. They are able to do this by recognizing the chemical queues & smells from the river systems that they were born in. A fish's ability to smell has been estimated to be 100 times better than a dog. All fish have two nostrils on each side of their snout. One is the anterior nostril and the other is the posterior nostril. Water flows into the anterior nostril, over the olfactory nerves, and back out through the posterior nostril. As the water holding the scent molecules flows across the olfactory nerves, a message is sent to the brain, where the scent is classified as a positive or negative scent and the fish will react based on their conditioned response and other physical and chemical conditions of their environment at that time.

Most predatory fish find their prey by sight or sound first. The last sense activated is smell, and it plays a critical role in the hunting behavior of predatory fish. When a fish hears or feels the presence of a bait they may come over to investigate the movement or sound. As it moves closer, they are expecting some positive final stimulus, smell, to be coming from the bait. As the fish strikes and crushes the bait, it is expecting a confirmation of the flavor of the prey through their sense of smell.

A good natural oil based scent will act as a masking agent for undesirable scents & flavors which are common and can be transferred to the bait by your hands when fishing, such as sun tan lotion, bug repellent, & gasoline. It is important to note, that masking unwanted odors is just as important as the type of lure you are using, especially with lures that have been in your tackle box for a long time. Masking odors is something that Fat Guppy Fishing Scent does extremely well. Many anglers have seen the results of this lack of positive confirmation in a fish’s final hunting step. The fish will follow the bait closely and not strike because it did not get the scent confirmation it wanted, or it may spit out the bait very quickly after biting because it did not get the proper flavor confirmation it wanted. The “Little Nibble” or “short bite” that everyone gets from time to time.

Now think about this: Smells or scents are transmitted to the fish by the water surrounding the fish.

Here is where scents / attractants come into play, and the old adage about oil and water. Many scents are oil based and although some of the oil molecules do disperse on their own, they frequently do not last long. Critics of oil based scents will argue that oil does not dissolve in water so therefore a fish could never detect it. This is true to a certain point, but that fact also depends on the type of oil used and the trace solubility of that oil. Scent manufactures that utilize refined oils may have a trace solubility problem. Scent manufactures that utilize raw natural oils will likely have better trace solubility in the water. This is a function of oil polymer connecting chains, and there is variation in these chains for each type of oil. The scents that utilize raw fish oil as a base stay on the bait quite well and disperse readily in the water leaving a "scent trail”. Fat Guppy Fishing Scent utilizes such a raw fish oil in its process that has a higher trace solubility which is fantastic for the “scent trail” that you need and sticks to the bait much longer than other scents on the market.

Fat Guppy Fishing Scent is formulated in such a way that the trace solubility of the natural oils is increased, which allows for more of a “scent trail” than other oil based scents. This is accomplished in a proprietary “cooking” process of Fat Guppy Fishing Scent that is unique among all other fish attractant manufactures. The technique that is utilized aides in the blending of the natural oils, which breaks down the proteins and changes the polymer connecting chains in the natural oils which allows for more trace solubility. It is a process that takes a much longer time to make our product, but it is essential in making Fat Guppy Fishing Scent the most effective scent on the market. Water based scents, although easier to use, are probably the worst when it comes to giving the fish a “scent trail” to follow. These scents can be thrown off the bait by casting and will wash off almost immediately when the bait hits the water.

Fat Guppy Fishing Scent utilizes both natural flavors and the chemical stimuli of proteins, amino acids and pheromones in the scent / attractant. The proteins, amino acids, and pheromones act as the attractant and will help to reverse the priority of how a fish finds its prey. As mentioned above, most fish will use sight and sound first. By using Fat Guppy Scent, you will be able to leave a scent trail that the fish can smell first and pick up the trail, then look and listen for its prey. The natural flavors used in Fat Guppy Fishing Scent offer that final positive confirmation for the fish, in fact, you will notice as you use Fat Guppy Fishing Scent, they will swallow the lures pretty deep in their mouths because of the positive affirmation they get from the scent flavors.

Summary breakdown of why Fat Guppy Fishing Scent is the most effective on the market.

  • High quality ingredients…We do not skimp or cut corners on our raw materials.

  • We use a blend of Amino Acids that are specifically formulated to stimulate fish feeding instincts.

  • A propriety process of extracting natural bait fish pheromones.

  • A propriety process of “cooking”, mixing, and blending of all of our ingredients.

  • Naturally extracted oil based flavors and scents.

  • Better trace solubility of the natural oils, accomplished through our “cooking” process.

  • Fat Guppy Scent sticks to your bait longer than other scents / attractants on the market.

  • Because Fat Guppy Scent sticks to your bait so well, it is effective when casting, still fishing or trolling.

  • Each batch of scent is made by hand to an exact formulated recipe.

  • The scent is perfect for masking undesirable flavors & odors that may be on your fishing lures.

  • Can be used on live bait, soft plastics, crank baits, spoons, & virtually any fishing lure out there.

The benefits of using a proper scent / attractant when fishing is essential when increasing your chances of having a positive fishing experience, and Fat Guppy Fishing Scent is the best on the market, period. I have put a lot of science and research into developing this product and I make every batch with pride as I know how effective it can be for average angler such as myself. Our scent will not turn you into a professional fisherman, but it will give you an edge and an advantage when on the water whether it is fresh water, salt water, or ice fishing.

Give Fat Guppy Fishing Scent an honest shot; you will not be disappointed with the results!! Check out our videos on You Tube – Keyword “Fat Guppy” or “Guppystick”


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